The Vipassana meditation technique is taught in a retreat of 10 days, which can assist both new students who are interested in learning this technique, as well as old students who want to reinforce it. You can see the locations where these courses are given in Spain and the dates of these courses listed in the course calendar.


In the Northwest Area, 10-day courses have been given since 2005 in the monastery of Herbón (Padrón) and since 2008 in the college of Nuestra Señora de los Milagros in Baños de Molgas. Currently there are no provisions to organize courses in this area.


For meditators who have completed ​​at least one course of 10 days, group meditations are a good opportunity to strengthen the practice of Vipassana. When sitting with other students following the same technique, we can meditate more seriously and get a support that helps us to continue practicing on our own.



In this area, for students who have completed the 10 days course,  1-Day self-courses are held Roxos (near Santiago) and 4 hours group sittings in Santiago on the last Sunday of the month. You can find more information and register for any course by accessing the course schedule link in the right column and clicking on the date of the course that interests you.



Besides, for old students we also have weekly meditation sessions in Vigo and Santiago for which no registration is required (please click on the "Old Students" link at the top of this web page and then go to "Meditation Groups" in the left-hand column).


If your city does not have any meditation group and you want to start one for the purpose of serving the meditators in that locality, you can contact and receive the information necessary for its creation.